Paradigm Shift - A New Way Of Thinking


​Since the great crash of 2007 new strategies, innovative thinking and stabilizing processes have had to be applied.  Companies have had to take into account advancing technologies and new regulatory changes in order to stay in compliance with new laws and economical demands that affect their business. Not only did companies have to change their point of reference, they also needed to figure out how to use these new technologies to their advantage. 


CA&A is on always on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift.  We are always looking for new ways to save our clients money and to be proactive in this ever-changing world.  As the world evolves, so must your thinking.  From credit swaps to complex asset base lender, from new state regulations to multifaceted integration strategies, companies have to be able to adapt and change quickly to what the market, their clients, and their lenders are requiring. 

At CA&A, we take a holistic approach as our client’s adviser in assessing their business and providing guidance to management.  We ensure that the business principles are sound, valid, and clearly defined.  We work to align our strategies with the three critical dimensions of business: Financial, Operational and Customer Driven.  We believe that success can only be achieved if all dimensions of the business are aligned and moving toward the same destination.

Integrity – We stand by our word, and do as promised
                           Crisis Management

Problems don’t appear overnight, nor do they disappear if left unattended.  Moreover, situations tend to deteriorate at an accelerating rate.  Swift, decisive and proactive steps are required to halt the downward spiral.  This is what crisis management is all about.  However, don’t believe who offers you a quick solutions.  It takes time to create a crisis and it takes time to rectify the problems. When our clients are confronted with a crisis, CA&A offers a complete suite of services from working side-by-side our clients as interim management to succession planning for those who are not willing to continue with the hardships - both physical and emotional – in turning a company around.  A crisis or turnaround is not the time to learn on the job; it’s the time to call in the experts to address the issues immediately and effectively.  In nearly 90% of those client's we turnaround we windup selling them off, as the owners find they do not want to continue once back on track.

                        Investment Banking Services

This is an area in which most companies have little understanding or experience.  It’s more than just gathering information and turning over the keys to the new owners; it is a process from start to finish that requires diligence to protect the rights and interests of our client's from the day we start.  From the negotiation of the LOI to the final asset purchase and subscription agreement, it has to be done thoroughly and correctly or the company and its owners will be left with on going liabilities.  Furthermore, depending on the transaction, the owners should never be the negotiators of the deal.  Remember Rule #1: He who gives a price first, is typically giving something up.  CA&A has an impeccable record of successful negotiating the sales of our clients, who have greatly benefit from our experience and expertise.

Partial Client List                                                               

•All Star Recycling, Ltd.
•Advance Technology Ventures
•Airport Coach/Ground Systems
•Ameritex Services LLC
•Anaheim Automation
•Apple Computer
•Apple Valley Partnership
•Asia Pacific
•AST Group
•Bellwood Laundry
•Big Deal Bakery
•Bill Lanese Advertising
•Catena Corporation
•Cal-Star Financial
•City of Lawndale
•City of Palmdale
•City of San Marino
•City of Hawaiian Garden

•Clairmont Cameras
•Coast to Coast Manufacturing

•Cedit Suisse
•Custom Linen Systems
•Da/Com Systems
•Dahcin Corporation
•Del Amo Construction
•DeMott Electronics Company
•Diamond Malta Media
•Dr. Thomas Stratton
•Ducommun Incorporated

•Ecology Auto Parts

•Goglanian Bakeries, Inc.
•Grant Company
•Home Savings & Loan
•ICU Medical, Inc.
•International Law Center
•Johnson and Company
•Jorgensen Steel Company

*Robinson Stephenson
•Kennedy Business Products

•Wabash Computer Systems
•Wastepaper, Inc.

•Willis Wood Products, Inc.
•Woodard Construction Inc.
•US Bank

•Telcom Solutions

•Three Valleys Municipal Water District

•Tom Trucking

•Troll Industries

•Try-Die, Inc.

•Financial Center Bank

•First Press

•Fleetwood Machine Products

•Georgopoulos Design, Inc.

•Glendale Savings

​•Lawson Structural Engineering
•Law Office of Leonard Gross
•Legal Eagle

•Mattress Distributors
•MMI Med Carts
•Montgomery Medical Ventures
•Montgomery Securities
•Murrieta Circuits
•MPH Photographical
•National Cap
•Pacific General Inc.
•Paris Precision Products
•Park Place DigTalk
•PE White & Sons
•Philip Automotive
•Republic Warranty
•Rock Industries
•Russo Industries
•Ryerson Steel
•Snowdon Electric
•Spartan Oil Company
•State of Arkansas
•Stylus Furniture
•Sun Micro
•Tailman Aviation
•Technology Funding