Private Equity for Companies 

The majority of companies requiring restructuring usually need an injection of cash; The rules that govern obtaining debt and equity investments are usually different for that of a healthy company.  In many cases the sources of these funds are difficult to obtain.  Most troubled companies that require funding, fail to obtain it, although there is more money on the street today than in past 4 decades.  This disconnect is explained by the fact that for the most part, distressed companies do not know where or how to seek capital, since normal channels (banks) are in most cases no longer in play and the client does not want bridge funding which in most cases is too costly for their survival.  The expertise involved in making a distressed company attractive to investors, in most cases, requires critical and strategic thinking outside the box.  CA&A is ready to provide this expertise and in some cases we have the ability to fund our client's needs ourselves.

CA&A is willing to bet on our success in helping its clients.  How many other firms are willing to do the same?​

                                       Investment Banking

Form selling a family business; to raising capital for corporate growth or shareholder liquidity; from buying another business, to merging your company, all can be complicated, distracting and overwhelming for even the most season veteran.


We provide an array of investment banking services, including sells, merger and acquisitions advisory to private companies.  Whether the client is an entrepreneur seeking to recapitalize a business, or a company in search of capital, we can proactively develop a strategy and work collaboratively to develop a creative solution to maximize your efforts.


With the U.S. and world capital markets having undergone a significant change in recent years, many companies find financing especially challenging.


CA&A has the knowledge and resources to provide solid solutions and has a proven track record of success for over 34+ years - since 1985.