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Since 1985 Providing Crisis Management

Private Equity & Investment Banking Support

Negotiating the New Normal

CA&A has a proven track record of helping clients navigate challenging situations and business disruptions.  We are ready to assist and provide sound strategic and management advice during challenging times in all corporate areas including cash flow supply chain restraints/ litigation support, liquidity analysis, debt restructuring, downsizing options and seeking non-bankruptcy or bankruptcy protection.  CA&A helps companies stabilize financial and operational performance by addressing problems head-on and by driving required changes to preserve and create value.  We will help you rethink, reconnect, and reinvent your future.


A New Way Of Thinking 

In these times following a worldwide pandemic, of supply chain shortage, of employee rebellion, and of a lack of responsiveness and responsibility from those we once depended on, you must now become an innovative and stabilizing thinker to address these issues.  Companies now have to take into account labor shortage and lower production by your existing work forces, in addition to new regulatory and compliance requirements in this difficult inflationary economic. Not only do companies have to change their point of reference, they also must determine how they can cope under these new paradigms and still make money. 


Many who think that it will be business as usual, will be headed toward failure. Now more than ever, businesses must quickly adapt to changes, re-adjust expectations to preserve cash flow, and technologically stay ahead of the curve.


CA&A can help you to navigate this new and ever-changing business landscape.


The effects of these changes will not be short lived, and it may take years to recover.  The only question is, will you?

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