​CA&A creates opportunities and provides multidisciplinary solutions to complex business challenges, from selling a company to turning it around.  With unparalleled expertise and innovative leadership, we are committed to increasing our clients’ enterprise value and to addressing their critical needs.  At CA&A we believe in being proactive and progressive in growing the bottom line profit, while ensuring that a client’s strength is not compromised by shortsighted or short-term objectives.
CA&A is a family-owned boutique investment firm that specializes in advising owners of middle-market companies on sale transactions, once their company is running at its peak performance.  We are focused on working with businesses with revenue of $3 - 500 million across a broad range of industries. 
Failing to maximize the value of your business in the context of either a sale transaction, or when it needs to be turned around can have a direct and material impact to you.  Based on our extensive experience working with business owners to complete countless transactions, makes us uniquely qualified above the other firm you might consider.  We will explain to you why we succeed and other fail at consummating the deal. 

CA&A never runs from trouble.  We don’t just come in, identify the problem, write a report and hand the client a bill.  We support our client for as long as it takes to get the job done, and we have never fail to turn around a company nor sale it at is peak value.

At CA&A we believe that you have to think outside of the box to succeed. 
​We believe the question is never whether the glass is half empty or half full.  The question is how much
can we sell the water for, and can we grind the glass into a diamond.

We understand that what we do affects both corporate and personal wealth, reputations and indeed, lives.  Therefore our solutions are practical, immediate and sustainable. 
We provide you with the tools to make informed decisions about what is, for the most business owners, the most consequential financial event of their lifetime.
Investment Banking Services
  • Restructuring/Turnaround     

  • Sales Size Representation

  • Interim Management


Our History - 35 Years of Success

From CA&A’s beginnings in 1985, we made a conscious decision to remain a boutique practice.  Our position remains the same today as it did then, we realize that our clients wanted hands-on support from experts they could trust.  We have proven over the years that CA&A professionals can do the work it typically takes a larger group to do. CA&A has the same expertise and experience of the large firms, but by maintaining our boutique status we don’t have to expend unnecessary resources to promote ourselves or to impress our clients with how big we are.  From Investment Banking to Crisis Management, we are here to serve you.

Paradigm Shift - A New Way Of Thinking - Covid-19 - a Killing of Business


​In these times of world wide pandemic and crisis new strategies, innovative thinking and stabilizing processes have had to be applied.  Companies have to take into account shortage of supply chains, lost of labor forces, new advancing technologies and new regulatory changes in order to stay in compliance with new laws and economical demands that affect their business under these new workforce restrictions. Not only did companies have to change their point of reference, they also needed to figure out how can cope under these new regulations.  For those who think it will business as usually, they are most like headed toward failure.  You will have to adapt quickly, re-adjust expectations and persevere cash flow.

Crisis Management

Problems don’t appear overnight, nor do they disappear if left unattended.  Moreover, situations tend to deteriorate at an accelerating rate.  Swift, decisive and proactive steps are required to halt the downward spiral.  This is what crisis management is all about.  However, don’t believe who offers you a quick solutions.  It takes time to create a crisis and it takes time to rectify the problems. When our clients are confronted with a crisis, CA&A offers a complete suite of services from working side-by-side our clients as interim management to succession planning for those who are not willing to continue with the hardships - both physical and emotional – in turning a company around.  A crisis or turnaround is not the time to learn on the job; it’s the time to call in the experts to address the issues immediately and effectively.  In nearly 90% of those client's we turnaround we windup selling them off, as the owners find they do not want to continue once back on track.